People often begin their search for a church during transitions in life — the birth of a child, moving to a new community, or even in the midst of a crisis.

Jefferson Church is a family of Christ followers who can meet you in this moment, help you discover the life that God promises for you!

We strive to create meaningful services each week with messages that are easy to understand and interesting whether or not you have ever experienced a church service. We believe God desires to connect with each of us and our goal is to point all people toward Him.


At Jefferson we want Sunday morning to be the best part of your week! Our adult services are designed to speak to you using God's Word in a transparent and engaging way. Check out some of the sermons we've had lately. We offer several creative, fun and age-appropriate programs for children ranging from birth through high school.


Dress in whatever makes you comfortable. We wear everything from jeans, shorts and sandals to business casual. Feel free to leave the tie and high heel shoes in the closet! Jefferson is a welcoming, inviting church so you’ll feel "at home" no matter what you wear.